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New Music

* Works written for me and premiered

^ Works premiered


Mark Adamo | Little Women (Cecilia March)

Michael Ching | Speed Dating Tonight! (Dating Coordinator)

Philip Glass | Les enfants terribles (Narrator, in English)

Alex Heppelmann Cry Wolf (Tortoise*)
Missy Mazzoli
 | Proving Up (Taller Daughter)

Franklin Piland | Rose Made Man (Gabriella/Gabriel*)

Russell PodgorsekThe Two of Swords (Narrator*)

Stephen Sondheim | Sunday in the Park with George (Yvonne)

Peter Stopschinski | Lardo Weeping (Chorus^)

Dan Welcher | The Yellow Wallpaper (The Hidden Woman^)

Thomas B. Yee | Eva and the Angel of  Death (Eva*)


Nell Clowder | A Hundred Times More (Sarah Grimke*)

John Corigliano | Fern Hill

Adrienne Inglis | Innocent Blood (Mary Esty*)

Robbie LaBanca Wild Iris*

Thomas LaVoy | In Heaven Hereafter


Andy Akiho | Karakurenai

Eve Beglarian | Testy Pony / Landscaping for Privacy
Michael Daugherty
 | This Land Sings

Adeliia Faizullina | Rainbow^

Philip Glass | Book of Longing
Don Grantham 
| Love Songs Sweet and Sour^

Aaron Jay Kernis | Simple Songs

Mark Kilstofte The White Album^

Seo Yoon Kim Faint Clocks Strike*

George Lewis Anthem

Matthew Lyons The Portal* First Light*

Dana Lyn | Point on a Slow Curve*

Harold Meltzer | Variations on a Summer Day

Nathan Nokes | Modern arrangement of Machaut's Messe de Nostre Dames*

Emma O'Halloran | Constellations

Russell Podgorsek | Stücke Surréaliste* / What Every Woman Ought to Know* /  Water Music / Teasdale Triptych*
Katherine Poukinskis
 | The Stretch^

Steve Reich | Drumming / Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices & Organ Music for 18 Musicians
Fausto Romitelli | An Index of Metals

Steven Serpa | And Loving for All*

Jason Treuting | March

Akshaya Tucker | Ich wandle unter Blumen^

Michael Zapruder | Polysong^


David Adams | Songs of Love and Loss*

Keenan Boswell | Sanctuary, Trinity*
Mark Kilstofte | The White Album^

John Musto | Shadow of the Blues
Ryan Romine | Three Love Songs (+ bassoon)

Joshua Shank | Services of Snow / Trois Meditations


Daniel d'Adamo | Lips, Your Lips

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